VipHouses Investments deals with real estate investments in the Romanian territory and in general in the Eastern European countries.

The areas of greatest interest are those most important from an economic, tourist, agricultural and cultural point of view, where a higher number of transactions are found.

We offer local and foreign investors opportunities in residential, business, commercial real estate development (Value Added and Opportunistic), agricultural, real estate at below market price, through the purchase at auction, in pre-auction with transactions and balance and release, including through agreements with banks, assets in disposal, private and/or foreclosed properties,

Our goal is to achieve and maintain an attractive return on capital for all investors.

On all properties we perform:

  • full legal due diligence
  • full technical due diligence
  • comprehensive financial due diligence
  • market analysis
  • estimated property valuation
  • statistical market study (min/max sale price, number of sales)
  • semiannual real estate report by micro and macro area
  • real estate practices purchase auction, balance and tear down, private
  • renovation project
  • facilities, funds and tax relief on the operation
  • urban practices
  • furniture
  • survey
  • choice of executing companies and materials
  • payment and / or direction of works until the deed

Our “flywheel “for “financial freedom.”