VipHouses Investments is the synthesis of decades of experience and professionalism acquired by the founder Vito Paparella, in the roles of owner, legal representative and administrator in several transnational corporations through the creation, management and successful disposal of the same.

These experiences gained in various financial, economic and commercial sectors, have allowed him to generate an income structure by combining the real estate market with the financial one.

The result is an automatic,repetitiveandsecure incomesystem

The income “flywheel” is generated by the fusion of the real estate market characterized by solid real estate for the peculiar characteristics of uniqueness, physicality and immobility, with the financial market characterized by profitability.

The corporate “modus operandi” is structured as follows:

  • Definition of objectives and constraints (definition of risk and capital willing to invest)
  • Investment duration
  • Property type
  • Investment vehicle structure
  • Financial Leverage
  • Contribution levers at national and/or European level
  • Levers of improvement of real estate assets (renovation operations, alignment of the property to the current building structures with particular attention to ecology, access to the structure to people “differently abled” and operations of “home staging”).

The cycle closes with the disposal of the upgraded property (identifying the most favorable time period and market conditions), and the subsequent reopening of a new cycle with the inclusion of a new investor.



Trigger the “financial flywheel” for our investors by generating “automatic income” for their “financial freedom”.


Making money work for humanity making it “financially free”.


Creating fanatical admirers, satisfied customers is not enough.” (Kem Blanchard e Sheldan Boules)

Doing your best is not enough, first you have to know what to do, then do your best." (William Edwards Deming)

Setting goals is the first step in transforming the invisible into the visible.” (Anthony Robbins)

The people who progress in life are those who work hard to find the circumstances they want, and if they don’t find them, they create them." (George Bernard Show)

The biggest risk of all? Do not risk.” (Anonimo)

In optimism there is magic, in pessimism there is nothing.“ (Abraham Hics)

Losers see thunderstorms, winners see rainbows. Losers see icy roads, winners put on ice skates.” (Denis Waitley)

Luck is what happens to you when preparation meets opportunity.” ( Anonimo)

Build your dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.” (Anonimo)

The eagle doesn’t waste as much time as when it was subjected to learning from the crow.” (William Blacke)

Choose the job you love. You will never work a day in your life.“ (Confucio)

Keep your thoughts positive,
because your thoughts become words.
Keep your words positive,
because words become your behaviors.
Keep your behaviors positive,
because your behaviors become your habits.
Maintain your positive habits,
because your habits become your values.
Keep your values positive,
because your values become your destiny.
(Mahatma Gandhi)